Finding Robes For Your Choir Group



From time to time, choir groups do need to change their robes and when they decide to do so, there are several things they have to take into account. The choir gowns are the first thing people will see before the choir even starts singing and this is why it is an important aspect in their performance, making them look organized and professional. The performance of the group will surely improve because they do not have to worry about choosing what to wear, and being in a uniform will give them a sense of belonging to a group and they will tend to be happier and better.


When adult choir groups decide on getting new robes, it would be best to get to the decision as one team because we don’t know if some of the members have better ideas than the others. Getting to a unanimous decision may be a challenge especially if your choir group is composed of so many adults who all have their own opinion on the matter. Opinions from different people will be coming in all sides. To sort things faster, you can always pick out several options and have them vote on which on is the best for the choir as a whole. Compromising is always a good idea to especially for big groups of adults who cannot seem to get a decision made. For instance, if half the group would want plain green robes while the others want yellow robes with patterns on them, they can meet halfway by maybe getting clerical collar with patterns or plain yellow ones just to satisfy both sides.


When trying to pick a new set of adult choir robes, take into account the following things:


First, decide on what color would best suit the group. There are some churches or organizations that have a specific color theme and you can base your decision there. If the organization or church you are in run more solemn activities, it would be appropriate to choose darker color like dark red and dark blue to make the choir seem more calm. There are colors that tend to be too fun and flashy like orange, pink, and purple, and you must steer clear of these. Bright, playful colors will make adults in a choir look ridiculous and no one will be able to take them seriously.


Next thing to consider is the length of the choir gowns. You can decide on getting clerical shirts uk that are up to the calves or way down to the ankles. Do not forget to take the measurements of everyone on the group to avoid  giving out choir robes that do not fit, Keep in mind that most men are actually taller than women. It is best to be sure of the measurements you send to the tailor rather than taking a guess and regretting in the future.


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